Information Charts

Letter-pressed information charts for shop reference.
$ 20


Width: 18 in

Height: 22 in

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Product Details

These charts contain useful information when building and working on projects. Each chart contains two mounting holes.

The “Equivalent Chart” is used for converting measurements between imperial/metric systems and their decimal equivalents. Useful for quick reference when doing math or drafting. Shows equivalents from 0-1”.

The “Tap and Drill Chart” is used when deciding what size hole to drill with desired thread tap. Shows all SAE and Metric thread types:
UNF from (0-80)-(1 1/8-12)
UNC from (1/64)-(1 1/8-7)
Metric from (m1.6 x 0.35)-(m27 x 2)
NPSC from (1/8-27)-(1 1/2-11 1/2)


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130# French paper and ink.